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Actes recognises that the ‘one size fits all’ solution does not work and that often there can be a number of complex issues which leads an individual to need support in making changes in their lives. We believe providing one-to-one client support is essential in order to ensure we fully understand all of the issues affecting each individual. We work with the client to develop a tailored support package to help them progress towards their goals whilst managing their expectations. Our culture is focused around treating each client with respect and involving them fully in the design of their support package.

We offer a range of support services ourselves but we also have an extensive referral network for those clients who feel they would benefit from additional specialist support.

Our values are:

Respect and dignity , we will treat all clients, partners and staff with respect and dignity regardless of their situation

Trust and confidentiality , we will earn our clients and partners trust and we will keep all information confidential

Honesty and transparency, we will be open, honest and transparent in all our activities

Quality and service, we promise to always deliver a high quality service which is customer focused

Flexibility and innovation, we will be flexible in our approach to delivery and we will always strive for innovative solutions

Our services include:

Accredited and non-accredited employability skills training programmes

Managing the effects of redundancy

Motivational programmes for the unemployed

Basic money management and financial capability

Identifying barriers to employment and offering personal tailored support

Job searches and CV preparation

Life skills coaching

Employer engagement

In-work support

Enabling and managing volunteering opportunities

Supporting and providing work clubs

Supporting those with chaotic lifestyles and health and wellbeing issues