16 Harratan Terrace Birtley DH3 2QG

The Birtley Community Partnership have been given a building by Gateshead Council for use as a 'Community Asset' Project. It used to be at one time the 'Old Library', and is now referred to as 'The HUB' Resource Centre. The building has been completely refurbished with a new 'shop front', a coffee bar area, new toilets and a disability lift installed to give access from the car park to the main area of the premises. There has also been an extension made to the ground floor area to create a meeting room.

'The HUB' has been open for over 18 months now as a 'drop-in' Resource Centre, where information on many aspects that affect our lives can be sought. A number of agencies, the Credit Union, Citizens Advice Bureau, NECA, Adult Learning, Economic Development, the Workers Educational Association and the Primary Care Trust are already working out of the building and a number of others have also shown an interest in providing services from there. The Northumbria Police have a presence in the building and have leased an upstairs room to use as a base in Birtley.