Blakelaw Neighbourhood Centre, Binswood Avenue, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE5 3PN

The Blakelaw Ward Community Partnership exists to support strong and sustainable public services as the foundation on which we will build and support strong and sustainable social enterprise, new jobs and resilient communities.  We will do this by:

  • Exploring and developing opportunities through devolution
  • Maximising partnership working
  • Enabling decision making communities
  • Creating purposeful volunteering opportunities

Action The partnership has been running since March 2013 and opportunities to work together with the Council at the early stages have encouraged a number of key local groups and individuals to come forward and look at better ways of working for their community. Through guidance and support from the Communities Service local people now understand how to identify key priorities so they can decide what services are needed. The partnership will decide whether they can deliver the services themselves or whether these need to be procured from elsewhere.