1-3 Quay Rd, Blyth, Northumberland, NE24 2AS

BRIC is an unemployed peoples centre that provides a wide range of services and opportunities aimed towards alleviating experiences of low income and unemployment amongst local (South East Northumberland) people. Established in 1983, BRIC has worked closely with local people for 30 years supporting them through the difficult experience of unemployment by raising their confidence and skills in support of their return to education, into training or back to work. Through on-going service reviews and evaluations BRIC has worked to ensure and affect services that remain relevant and of value to our clients.

By listening to our community we are able to develop resources and create opportunities to meet their changing needs and interests. This commitment has determined how BRIC has developed and how our ethos of community ownership and providing demand led services has formed - an ethos that has directly influenced what BRIC is today.