South Shields, United Kingdom is a non-profit organisation that offers an easy, one-cost service for non-profits and social enterprises to advertise their job vacancies. We help to connect skilled, conscientious people with employers who make a difference.

We’ve got great reach The website receives over 100,000 visits every month and has just over 14,000 job seekers registered for our email alerts. If the position happens to be based in the North East, we can immediately boost its profile by posting it on the NESEP web site, which receives around 4000 visits a month, adding it into the NESEP monthly bulletin, which goes out to over 1000 subscribers per month, and advertising it on the NESEP twitter account (currently nearly 700 followers). We are also working on specific partnerships with equivalent organisations throughout the country to better target suitable candidates in all regions: one of the benefits of using a real non-profit organisation to promote your vacancies is that we’re very embedded in the sector, and if we knew of another useful venue to advertise your job, we’d do our best to get them to carry the ad too.

We’re great value Advertising with us is for a flat fee of £120, with no extra charges for adding your logo or downloadable files such as application forms, EO forms, job description and so on. The fee covers the ad staying on the site until its closing date, with no weekly or monthly charges. This is a simpler, cheaper and better deal than many other specialist non-profit recruitment sites. There’s no money to pay upfront, as we invoice after the vacancy is booked. And of course, if your organisation is a registered charity there is no VAT to pay.

We’re no-hassle Placing an ad with us is simple – you simply fill in the easy template form and email it to, confirming that you’d like us to go ahead. We will put the ad on the site the same day – but if there’s a rush or deadlines are tight, we can often get it on there the same hour.

We relist FOR FREE Aftercare is absolutely crucial to us; we don’t just book and run. After the closing date of the post, we will get in touch with you to see how the response has been to your advert. And if you’ve not managed to fill the post for any reason at all, we will relist it for you FREE OF CHARGE!

We’re non-profit too In fact, goodmoves is the ONLY non-profit, charity and third-sector recruitment site that is itself NON-PROFIT! When non-profits invest in placing a vacancy with us, you can be assured that you’re getting a service run BY the sector FOR the sector. All of us at Goodmoves have a very real personal investment in helping non-profit organisations to flourish, and we will bend over backwards to help in any way we can.

We help you save on multiple jobs. If you need to book more than one ad, we offer a number of credit packages to save you even more money—and you don’t even need to place all the ads at once. Buy a pack of 6 ads, for instance, and you’ll have a year to place them.

We get you on Gumtree Our current offer actually includes placement of your ad on at no extra cost (a very effective classified ads web site, broken down into regions, that has over 1.2 million visits per month and is currently running a national television advertising campaign). Again, we would handle all of this for you from the form you have supplied.

To place an ad with us, or to learn more, just ring Bob on 07972 488 496 or email