Horsethinking, Edge Lane, Maiden Law Co Durham DH7 0RA

Horsethinking in an unique centre offering Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning Programmes for people suffering from depression, communication and learning difficulties, PTSD, family and relationship problems, bullying, eating disorders, abuse and much more.

Together with two highly trained and certified therapists, clients and horses work together, learning and solving problems. In the process the clients can recognise the behaviour and relationship patterns underlying the problems that are holding them back, take ownership and devise their own strategies to allow them to move forward with their lives.

EAP is not riding, horsemanship or petting. It is a highly developed therapeutic model, developed in the US and only now being used with great success in the UK. With over 600 programmes currently running worldwide EAP is now recognised as a powerful and effective Psycho therapeutic method .

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