46 Breckon Hill Road, Middleborough, TS4 2RD

Media Cultured was founded in 2012 by Amjid Khazir with the support of Teesside University.

Having carefully researched and identified the need for ’credible’ role models being acutely ‘required and accessible’ across both the media and educational spectrum for the multicultural Britain we live in today, Amjid established the company in order to achieve those ends and ‘give space’ to contemporary and positive voices. He was supported by the University in realising this vision. He has developed his ideas with the support of leading academics and media professionals.

Media Cultured provides specialist  programmes and workshops in schools, colleges, universities and prisons to support these ‘at risk’ institutions with the various ‘tolerance and integration’ programmes they provide. By ‘training the trainers‘ and helping to teach the students, Media Cultured aims to help avert  further Woolwich, Boston and Islamophobic type attacks from taking place.