56 John Street, Sunderland SR1 1QH, United Kingdom
0191 5148520 / 0191 5101827 (Fax)

NERAF is an independent charity established to enable positive lifestyle change and recovery to people affected by alcohol or drug misuse. We do this by providing a very personalised and tailored service to meet the individual’s needs, and we recognise that everybody is unique.

Based on the founders experience of alcoholism, and his reflection of what could have been done better, we provide an innovative approach that enables people to achieve and maintain recovery.

We will make you feel welcome, listen to your story and then work with you to help you achieve what matters to you. We take pride in working “with” you rather than doing what we do “to” you. We will provide you with a peer mentor to support and befriend you throughout your journey to recovery and the support of a recovery coach who will help you address issues such as debt, housing, employment and a multitude of others. Our services include;

One to One coaching Peer Mentoring Group Work Activities Peer mentor and volunteer training 7 day service open until 8pm Women’s only support groups Abstinence groups Mixed groups Substance Groups No Drink Groups Carers Groups Outcome chart which enables us to work with our clients & discuss with them what their priorities are An END to END service

In addition we provide the same high level of service to families of those affected by alcohol or drug misuse, and understand the implications that substance misuse may have on the family or carers; recognising that each family is different.

NERAF takes pride in employing those who have previously been through an addiction and are in recovery themselves, as well as those who have a genuine interest in this field.