2 Hannington Street, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 1JT, United Kingdom

Here at Recyke y’bike we’re a mixed bunch – with volunteers of all ages, across all walks of life, and with interests of every kind and six part-time members of staff. But there’s two passions we all share….recycling and BIKES!!!

Recyke y’bike is a community project that accepts donated bikes from members of the public. Trained mechanics and volunteers fix them up for resale.

Most of the bikes are sold to the public to raise funds for running the project and also to finance the sending of sturdy bikes to Re-Cycle’s (based in Colchester) projects in Africa which support schools and community health programmes there.

Recyke y’bike is certain that providing affordable, roadworthy transport is a good way to encourage more people to get cycling, as well as making sure that bicycles don’t end up in land-fill sites, when they could be put to good use.