John Buddle Work Village, Buddle Ct, Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 8AW

We provide activity programmes, promoting physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

We bring fun, gentle exercise and a surprising amount of competitive spirit to older communities.

We deliver activities for young people and adults with disabilities.

We span generations, working with children through schools and our intergenerational programme.

We bring families and community together through shared activities.

We can also help with funding applications and provide training so that groups can run their own activities safely and knowledgably.

You can also buy equipment from Rookie Sports enabling you to deliver your own activities.

We tailor all our activities to meet the individual requirements of our customers.

Our flexible programme can be delivered indoors or outdoors and in almost any location. Rookie Sports provide all the necessary equipment and can come to your chosen venue and provide Rookie Golf sessions as:

One-off ‘taster’ sessions or regular coaching courses over several weeks Half day or full day festival events such as Community Events or Family Fun Days Healthy Lifestyle events Sports events Intergeneration events

Although our programmes can be just a fun stand alone activity, we often use them as a vehicle to achieve a wide range of outcomes.

We try to link all our programmes so that we have people from a wide mix of social backgrounds, skills and experience enjoying activities together.