94a Front Street, Stanley, Co. Durham DH9 0HU

SHAID provides a range of housing advice, support and related services to help young people make the difficult transition to living independently in the community.

The sort of things we can help you with include:

Advice if you are thinking of leaving home Help in finding somewhere to live Basic advice on your housing rights Support if you find yourself homeless Help with filling in forms and dealing with red tape, including benefit claims Guidance about managing your money and paying bills Support if you are living on your own Someone to listen to you if you have problems, and help you decide on how to deal with them Learning to plan meals, shop and cook Putting you in touch with comminity groups and facilities Advice on finding interesting things to do with your time (work, training courses, clubs, volunteering, sports). Drop’in sessions, a chance to meet other young people in similar situations and chat with support workers.