18 Portland Terrace, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 1QQ, United Kingdom

Shiney Row Childcare in Houghton Le Spring is a workers’ co-operative that has been providing quality childcare for 15 years. They employ 21 staff and run two crèches, one in Shiney Row and one in Washington, as well as providing a mobile crèche, holiday schemes and face painting. They also supply cover staff for other nurseries and childcare providers. The high standard of their service has helped them win contracts with both Sunderland Council and Sunderland College. Being a co-operative is at the heart of their success. Staff have a real stake in the business and a say in how it develops. They also have the opportunity to progress their careers. (The two current directors, Lisa Wake and Wendy Harland, both joined the co-op as childcare workers.) This means they find it easy to recruit the best people and turnover is very low, which is good for children and their parents.