The Sk8 Safe™ Programme started out in 2007 as a simple concept: teach children to skateboard. Not an original concept we grant, but in an activity often misunderstood and frowned upon, a concept for which there was clearly a huge need going unfulfilled. Sk8 Safe™ Founder Sarah Agar-Brennan, in her former guise as owner of Popcorn Skate Shop in Northallerton came to recognise that while skateboarding was popular in the area there was no formal, recognised or safety concious method for the youngsters of the area to try skateboarding.

Sk8 Safe's aim was clear from this point onwards, to promote diversity through Skateboarding.

Skateboarding, an activity without formal structure, without competition, without the need to strive to 'win' was a sport that spoke to some children in a way that traditional team sports did not and could not. As Sk8 Safe™ expanded and Sarah started to work with local authorities on after school and lunch time and even curriculum based classes she started to see some truly remarkable results; children labelled as problem children would not only take to the skateboarding classes with enthusiasm and gusto, they'd also behave better at school itself as a result of the introduction of an alternative sport to which they could relate!

Thus, the Sk8 Safe™ Programme was born and is now a Level 2 Nationally Accredited Course in Skateboard Skills which our team deliver into Schools and organisations throughout the UK Training Teachers, Sports Coaches and such like to facilitate Skateboard sessions within their organisations.

We are the first such company into the UK to formalise our Programme in this a way and as such we are having remarkable results! Get on board call us or message and get Skateboarding on the curriculum in your school or in your community now!!!!