9 Coldwell Park Avenue, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear NE10 9DA, United Kingdom

About Tardis Resources is a Ltd Company that has established a collective of associates and consultants who are able to contribute to the mission and delivery of consultant services to both Strategic Partnerships and Operational Providers.

Our primary aim Is to provide resources and support to enable individuals, organisations and partnerships to realise their full potential by unlocking, developing and utilising their own resources so that they become self-sufficient and able to continue to grow organically and transformationally through effective relationships, collaborations and partnerships.

We Do This By Providing technical support, expertise, coaching and training that is embedded in developing people to be the resources that they need in the future. Our ability to do this is in no small part to wealth of experience, knowledge, skills and abilities of the resources that make up Tardis, where we have a combined resource of expertise in excess of 150 years.