The Old Brewery Offices, Castle Eden, Co. Durham,TS27 4SU

Tees Trains was established to enhance the provision of rail services to benefit the local communities of East Durham, Teesside and North Yorkshire.

Our aim is to provide reliable, high quality passenger rail services where current and previous operators have been unable or unwilling to do so.

We aim to:- Maintain fares at the lowest sustainable level so that the services remain financially viable but accessible to as wide a cross-section of people as possible. Rail travel should not be “a rich man’s toy.” Provide reliable regular scheduled services so that rail travel becomes a viable option for your working, family and social needs. Meet the needs of special interest groups with concessions and reduced rate travel to encourage them to use rail as their first choice. These may include:- School children and Young people Key workers Affinity Groups & Memberships Senior citizens Sports Fans

Tees Trains CIC will work in partnership with local government, private sector employers and education institutions to help build reduced fare travel schemes to help meet the organisations sustainable travel goals.

Where possible we will recruit locally, so that Tees Trains creates new jobs in our region.