We offer a personal service to help you through the practicalities of the bereavement process. We will spend as much or as little time YOU feel is required. Some couples may choose to purchase a double plot to be re-united with their partner and rest together, forever, within the woodland.

Our priority is to provide you with a dignified and caring funeral in a natural setting. You may opt for a less formal, more relaxed funeral. You may not want the many trappings of the traditional funeral but whatever you choose you will be supported by our staff. We respect people of different cultures and beliefs and our woodland burial ground is open to people of all faiths or no religious faith at all. We simply ask that any graveside ceremony be dignified and respectful. You are free to use and personalise the Woodland Lodge with flowers, photographs etc., prior to the funeral, without additional cost.

We do not insist people are escorted by us when they first visit the site. It is a very personal, sometimes emotional choice people are making and we are certainly not here to sell our services. The woodland burial ground speaks for itself in that respect, which is precisely the way it should be. Of course, we are more than happy to show people around and answer any questions they might have. We can be as integral or peripheral as you want us to be.