Riverside Children’s Cottage, Minton Lane, North Shields, NE29 6DQ

At the heart of the Tyne Gateway Trust is our dedicated and committed Community and Family Entrepreneurs – these are people who have themselves experienced a range of difficult issues during their lives and, therefore, are able to relate to others who have also experienced those circumstances. All of our Community and Family Entrepreneurs understand what it is like to experience personal difficulties and disadvantages in their daily lives. Furthermore, they have also developed the resilience, tenacity and ambition to strive towards improving the quality of life for themselves and their families. It is their understanding of the people to whom we offer support, and their own examples of overcoming adversity, which are key to the success of our mission: to deliver community-led solutions to family poverty.

At Tyne Gateway, we are proud of the dedication and compassion demonstrated by our Community and Family Entrepreneurs; they are committed to identifying and dealing with the individual needs of the families they work with whilst exhibiting the necessary sensitivity and assertiveness. All of our Entrepreneurs have undergone training over an intensive 8-week period, followed by 2 years of guidance in their work for the Trust; this ensures the provision of an informal yet professional service. Most of them have also studied and completed a bespoke Foundation Degree in Community Entrepreneurship.

Tyne Gateway is governed by a Board of Directors which meets monthly and is responsible for ensuring all aspects of our business is delivered effectively and that we review and deliver against our strategic plan. Additionally, we have a wider group of stakeholders, our Advisory Group, who help shape and support the work and act as friends and ambassadors of the Trust – they meet every three months and are comprised of representatives from: Health, Further Education, Partner agencies, Local Authorities, the Legal profession, and local businesses.

Moreover, a small management team accountable to the Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring the efficient delivery of all of our services. This management team continually evaluates our methods so that we proceed with conduct that has been proven effective. The management team works closely with the Community and Family Entrepreneurs to improve our services and to provide them with the necessary support and supervision to carry out their role.