8 Frederick Street, Sunderland SR1 1NA, United Kingdom

Voluntary and Community Action Sunderland exists to champion and strengthen local charities, voluntary organisations and community groups operating for the benefit of the people of Sunderland and its surrounding areas. We work with members of the community offering support, development and training to individuals groups and organisations.
As you may or may not know we provide a huge range of support and development services. An example of how we start to work with new members includes: Setting up of new groups and organisations to meet needs identified by local people. Providing full support in setting up the group, writing a constitution, setting up a new bank account, writing new policies and procedures, putting relevant training in place for both board members, staff and volunteers, identifying funding sources, putting together a funding strategy, help to write the funding applications and the list goes on. Our key aim is to set up new organisations in a professional and business type manner, giving skills to individuals so they themselves can develop along the way to become a sustainable thriving voluntary and community sector organisation. Also encouraging and empowering individuals in communities to seek resolution to issues that concern them most. Our many other services include: Provision of specialist expertise, information, advice and guidance in the development of skills of local people who run successful organisations and groups or are wanting to be more active in their communitiy.

spread good practice, prevent duplication of effort and support joint working thorugh a consortia approach or through partnership funding help groups find funding and make effective use of resources and support the community with fundraising activities. promote equality and diversity by fostering a wider understanding of the needs of disadvantaged and under-represented groups and individuals make sure policy makers understand the needs of local voluntary organisations and community groups and more importantly the citisens in our communities. help public bodies engage effectively with local voluntary organisations, community groups and individuals. encourage more people to volunteer, receive training and get involved in voluntary and community action locally. support with crisis management and organisational development. Undertake feasibility studies and consultation in order that evidence of need is clear for developing new services or addressing gaps Consultation, Collaboration, Commisioning, Independent Examination, End of Year Accounts Much Much more....